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Sports stadium LED display

sports stadium led display


The stadium led display screen would realize functions such as information demonstration, time and score display, competition information management, and sound and image synchronization broadcast, make the stadium to satisfy the demand of large-scale sports events and assembly.
The stadium led displays are widely used in the football field, basketball court, swimming center and diving center. And the functions of the stadium led displays include:
1.Show function: Can display multi languages and several formats texts, and realize the live broadcast;
2.function of time and score: Through the electronic referee, the screen can realize the function of time and score of the basketball and volleybal race. And show the name of the race team, the score goals, the name of the athletes who make the goal, substitution, red and yellow warning cardsand other information;
3.Information processing function: can add up the score and fouls automatically; And when the athletes break the record, the screen can show the notice and make congratulations.
4.Emergency treatment function: The stadium led display are used for the significant political activities, so it must has the emergency treatment function, when there is something wrong with the internet, the display can work still. And all the automatic function of the screen should can be switch to manual adjusted.

LED display screen structure diagram:

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LED display screen control system connection diagram

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Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

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Recommended LED display screen models:

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Outdoor models:P10 P16

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