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Rental LED display screen

Rental LED display screen


Rental LED display screen is a fast growing market since more & more people realize the importance of advertising during the events time and the cost of the HD video advertising is decreasing greatly with the improved quality and stable performance.

The LED screen used on the entertainments�?events, as a movable media can be easily disassembled and assembled, easy control, easy manage. It can be multi-media of video inputting and free switchover. Abundant programs compiling and editing makes it accessible for all of us, even though you are not a professional.

As a movable media, there are some things different with the fixed installation commercial LED screen¬:
1. Lock button
2. Hanging cabinets inner structure
3. Hanging beam
4. Bottom Bracket
5. Flight case
We can offer all kinds of rental use LED screen: indoor stage rental LED screen, outdoor events rental LED display screen.
For the rental use LED screen: flight case, luck button & hanging structure is always necessary since the screen needs to move from one site to another very frequently and only use several days for each event.

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LED display screen structure diagram:

Rental LED display screen Rental LED display screen

LED display screen control system connection diagram

Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

commercial advertising led display media

Recommended LED display screen models:

Indoor models: P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P4

Outdoor models:P10 P16

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