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Outdoor full color LED display

outdoor full color led display


According to its usage, outdoor full color led display can be divided into billboard, advertising board, mobile panel, curtain, traffic and rental screen. According its shape, outdoor full color led display can be divided into arc, cross, dot matrix and multi-sides. There are full color, single color and tri-color outdoor screen. Advertising and billboard panel is similar on usage. Billboard is usually used by the road or expressway. Mobile panel includes boat, car, truck and trailer mobile panel. As for car, single color panel is mostly common for showing information or news. Curtain screen usually uses hanging structure.


outdoor full color led display is large in size. The viewing distance is far. Outdoor screen adopts DIP LED lamps. Outdoor screen must waterproof because of the bad environment outside. On the surface of the DIP lamps, there must be a layer of glue in order to protect the screen from entering water. The brightness is over 5500 nits. The LED driving method of outdoor panel is constant current driving. The communication distance is 100-150m, which can be more far through increasing cable. The life time of outdoor screen is 5-11 years, which is up to the LED lamps used in it.
1) With good lightening accordance and no mosaic
2) Can play different formats of image files, flash, WAV/MIDI, video signal from TV, video signal from video and other equipment
3) Different video frequency can be changed freely at the same time, and the image can be enlarged and reduced
4) High brightness, and can be adjustable, meets the need of changing requirement of customer in environment


1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
4. Techinical drawing

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