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Indoor full color LED display

Indoor full color LED display


Indoor full color led display adopts SMD (Surface Mounted Device) or dot matrix technology. Indoor full color display is clearer than outdoor in terms of picture quality. The brightness of indoor panel is about 2000 nits. It has no need for indoor panel to use waterproof cabinets. Indoor panel includes wall mounted screen, single and tri-color screen. Full color indoor panel can be used to play video as advertising. Single and tri-color panel is usually used to show important information or notice, even weather forecast. Wall mounted indoor screen always adopts front maintenance method because it is impossible to open the cabinet from the back.
Indoor screen can usually be seen in all kinds of stations as message board, on the stage as background wall and in football or basketball field as score sign or side screen.
The best viewing distance of indoor panel is usually small in order to guarantee a clear look at the screen. So you can see the picture of indoor display clearly in a near distance. The size of indoor screen is not large because its viewing distance is nearer than outdoor screen.


1.Easy to maintain, High resolution, Good contract, Less Weight, easy to install. Widely used as the information billboard in Airport, Railway station, and big shopping mall, concert and ect.
2.The brightness of indoor LED signs is adjustable so as to ensure different environment.
3.Indoor SMD LED signs include PH4mm, PH5mm, PH6mm, PH7.62mm, PH10mm and PH12mm. P6mm and P7.62mm are most popular pixel pitch.
4.We make best design with high cost- efficiency according to the actual needs of our customers and we can offer OEM service as well.
5.We produce advertising LED display, rental LED display, traffic LED display, highway LED display, stadium LED display, curve shape LED display, text information LED display and so on.


1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
4. Techinical drawing

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