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High brightness' curtain LED display

Full color LED Message displays


1.Show function: Can display multi languages and several formats texts, and realize the live broadcast;
2.function of time and score: Through the electronic referee, the screen can realize the function of time and score of the basketball and volleybal race. And show the name of the race team, the score goals, the name of the athletes who make the goal, substitution, red and yellow warning cardsand other information;
3.Information processing function: can add up the score and fouls automatically; And when the athletes break the record, the screen can show the notice and make congratulations.
4.Emergency treatment function: The stadium led display are used for the significant political activities, so it must has the emergency treatment function, when there is something wrong with the internet, the display can work still. And all the automatic function of the screen should can be switch to manual adjusted.


Attractive price, reliable quality & wide application
First-class LED chip: high strictly selected LED chip to ensue the long lifetime and high brightness of our LED screen system.
Extended lifetime: provides up to 100,000 hours of display life with optimized display components.
Thermally efficient housing & enhanced uniformity: pulls heat away from critical internal components by evenly distributing heat & eliminates hotspots that effect display lifetime.
Seamless display face: disguises breaks between individual modules with a custom louver design.
Low power consumption & clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attract more audience to achieve short ROI of your investment.
Easy, quick installation & convenient servicing interface: front and rear cabinet access make the maintain work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business
Customized shape & size: brings nearly any creative display concept to life with a flexible, module-based design platform.


1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
4. Techinical drawing

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