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Energy saving LED display

Energy saving LED display


Energy saving led display is famous for low consumption. This is the trend for future advertising. Compared with traditional printed advertising, energy saving led display is outstanding for lower unit cost, environment friendly and vivid presentation.

Especially new IC card, MBI 5035 can save 40% power supply with longer lifespan and excellent cooling. There is a great money reduction for large size led display advertising.

With the realization of green environment, People pay more and more attention to ways of reducing power consumption.


all led displays are energy saving displays, With the lastest LED technology,the SMD LED display has very big advantage of wide viewing angle,perfect colour mixture chariteristic. It will become more and more popular in the outdoor full color LED display field. It has already win a very good market share in the LED display market and will grow up much faster than any other model of the LED display. Currently,P10mm,P12mm,P14mm & P16mm has very good effect already, esp P16mm has very big advantage over any other models.

Then only problem for the SMD LED display is the unit cost is still much higher than the common models since the market is still small. Tri-color led display is different from full color led display in that tri-color led display is composed of lamps of two colors, but full color led display is composed of lamps of three different colors. Double color led display does not have good color capacity as full color led display, so double color led display is often used for information showing, text, word, date, humidity or some simple pictures. Double color led display is widely used in oil station, train & bus station, government halls, banks and small stores. And P20 is the popular model for outdoor, and P7.62 is common model for indoor use.

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