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hanging,dynamic,scrolling,gridding, programmable LED display screen

hanging,dynamic,scrolling,gridding, programmable

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Hanging fix is the common used installation in the market, and it is fit for the led display screen which under 10sq.m. When we install the screen, we should make the LED display install at the same level. the groud level’s difference of the two size must less than 5mm.. It is easy to install and uninstall it, make easy maintenance.
The application of the hanging led display:
1. For the sports field: the hanging led display is mainly used in the basketball, football and other sports fields.
2. For the concert: it often used in the centre of the concert, boardcast the live concert on the display, make more people can see the singer clearly.
3. For the rental used: The rental led displays are often moved to one place to another place, so it often used hanging fixed, which can make quick and convenient operate

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