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full color-1r1g1b/2r1g1b 3rgb/4rgb 2R2G2B/4R2G2B

full color-1r1g1b/2r1g1b 3rgb/4rgb 2R2G2B/4R2G2B

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Compared to single and double color led display, full color led display pixels are composed by red, green, blue led lamps at the same time. They can show different colors. Present industry grey grade is 256*256*256, means each color can changed 256 levels by brightness changing. Full color led display can present an image in its real colors.

High gray grade, definition, and refresh frequency make it being the most popular in the market. Most of the market needs are full color led display.

For indoor full color led display, the pitch ranges from 2mm to 10mm. Because SMD has great advantage of perfect color mixture and wide view angles, proper cost, so indoor full color series usually is SMD, ranging from PH10mm to PH40. P16 and P20 full color screens are hot products. While outdoor series take DIP for its high brightness and low cost.

Full color led display are widely used for commercial advertising and stage back. They are much expensive than single and double color series. So some people buy them to rent.

For lamps numbers, full color screens have 1r1g1b,2r1g1b,2r2g1b,etc.Present model is 1r1g1b full color led display.

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