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double-sided double-facee LED display screen

double-sided double-face

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Double-sided LED display is mainly used in the place where the viewer will come from the front and back, so it must show the information on both side of the display. The double-sided led display is a small fine and mainly used in indoor and outdoor small advertising signboards. Such LED displays on the heat, structure, maintenance requirements are unique.
We usually meet this kind of use with DIP outdoor product, its main features are:
1. The double sided led display can attract more audience than the single-sided led display. And it can show the same information on the both sides, and of course can show different information in the two sides. It is much economic.
2. Precise structure of the independent design of cabinet, to ensure strict IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring cabinet light is easy to install.
3. High uniformity masks a perfect fit module and mask ink evenly, without shadows; the products all use ultraviolet aging, which can resistance to the instantaneous pressure slap 20000 Pa.
4. Installation is simple for our customers in accordance with the needs of design and installation.
5. We can also provide customers with a set of fiber-optic communications program and a remote control program, so no matter where in your screen, can easily manage and control, and also supports asynchronous memory control technology.

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