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SMD 3 in 1,SMD3528 ,SMD5050

SMD 3 in 1,SMD3528 ,SMD5050

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SMD means the surface mounting device. The SMD lamp a new component which use the SMT technology.
The structure of the SMD lamp: LED chip + epoxy resin+gold line
The common used SMD lamp types in the led display include:SMD3528,SMD5050
Compared to the DIP led lamps, the SMD led lamp has small volume, light weight, rapid signal processing speed, large viewing angle,long life span,high reliability and low cost etc. Characteristics.
The features of the SMD led display: the SMD led display have large viewing angle, and the common viewing angle in horizontal and vertical is 140° and 140°, and the better led display’s viewing angle in horizontal and vertical can reach 160° and 160°. So the SMD led displays can attract more and more people to see the display for the wide viewing angle.

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