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PH2.8mm led display screen

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PH2.8mm is the smallest standard during LED display. Just as its name implies, its pixel just has 2.8mm, so PH2.8mm belongs indoor LED display. Actually, this standard has no need to recommend to our customer. There are two reasons as bellows, in the first place, its adopt SMD technique, the cost is higher than others: in the second place, this standard is rare, which technique is immature. In consideration of protection grade, it must be IP54, just dustproof is ok. For brightness, indoor brightness arrive 2500 is enough (this range adapt for anywhere of domestic). As working temperature, -10 degree to 50 degree is okay (stored temperature is from -30 degree to 70 degree). For power consumption, its pixel pitch is 2.8mm, each of lamp pressure have 0.017 a, so 0.017a*5v*4 = 0.34w, ph2.8mm pixel density is: 1000/2.8 *1000/2.8 =127449, 127449*0.34=43332.66w. As ph2.8mm use SMD, so the view angle is horizontal 160 degree, vertical 160 degree.

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