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PH16mm led display screen

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PH16mm, which adopt SMD technique, at the same time, it�?have DIP LED display, which is belongs indoor and outdoor LED display. Indoor brightness as usual arrive 800nits to 2000nits is ok. Actually 2500nits indoor is a high level. Outdoor brightness is from 5000nits to 15000nits. When brightness from 5000nits to 5500nits is a lower level. When from 7500nits to 8000nits, is major norm. When brightness from 9000nits to 15000nits, which is super bright. And Pixel density is 3906. module configuration is 16*8. Cabinet dimension is 1024mm*768mm. Module size is 256mm*128mm. PH16mm adapt 10.24sqm’s plan. Ratio is 4:3 or 16:9, the effect of display is good. Protection grade is IP54, cause it’s apply for domestic environment. On the contrary, outdoor LED display required protection grade, and the parameter is IP65 at least. As usual, this type of LED display has these characteristics as bellows: dot correction, high gray grade, high refresh frequency.

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