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Asynchronous offline control system LED display screen

Asynchronous offline control system LED display screen

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Asynchronous control led display is a display which can work without the control computer, it is off-line led display. The mostly common asynchronous led displays are single color and double color led display, which are widely used to show the text, simple picture, digit, table and other moving messages.
The asynchronous system is composed with a control card, which installed at the led display. Usually, one led display just needs one control card, but there is something we should consider is the capacity of the control card. The capacity of different control cards is different, so when we should elect the control card based on the size of the display.
The asynchronous control led display can realizes the wireless control. It is easy and quick to operate and update the information on the screens.
For some small full color led display, it also can use the asynchronous control systems.

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