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120/240V-110V/230V LED display screen

120/240V-110V/230V LED display screen

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120V/240V and 110V/230V led display: because the voltage of indoor electricity is different in different countries, so it requires the led display can work in this voltage, then the 120V/240V and 110V/230V led display was born, it can widely used in the off-standard voltage.
There are three kinds of electricity voltage in the world: 100V, 110V-130V and 220V-240V. The 100V and 110V-130V are called as low voltage, which are widely used in the ship or boat.
The three voltages used in the different countries:
�?00V: widely used in Japan and North Korea;
�?10V-130V: Taiwan, USA, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico;
�?20V-230V: Britain, Germany, France, China, Singapore, HK (200V), Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Thailand, India, New Zealand, Norway, Australia.
Notes: The country who use the 220V-230V also can use the 110V-130V voltage, it is depending on the situation.

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